Custom Shotski Design Template

Have a great idea for a custom shotski design?  We would love to help you bring it to life.  Follow the steps below to get started:

Step 1 : Download the Shotski Template

Download one of our three shotski templates to get started.  Each template has a 0.25" bleed on all sides so be sure to keep all of your important elements well inside the edges.

2-Shot Template | 3-Shot Template | 4-Shot Template


Step 2: Design Your Shotski

We print our shotskis at 150dpi so be sure to use vector art or high resolution photos to ensure a clear vibrant print.  When you have completed your designs for the Top and Bottom save them individually as PDF files.  You can then use any file sending service like Google Drive, Drop Box etc. to send them to me via email (


Step 3: Purchase Your Shotski

Be sure to complete the process by purchasing your custom shotski HERE. 

Please Note: 

Custom Shotskis require custom printing and usually ship within 2-4 business days from the order date.  Once printed your order will ship via USPS, most orders arrive within 1-3 days of the shipment date.  Transit time will vary depending on location.