Andy Cohen Shotski :Top 5

Andy Cohen Shotski :Top 5

Andy Cohen is the man responsible for single handedly bringing the Shotski back into the limelight with his hit Bravo TV show Watch What Happens Live.  Every Wednesday Andy takes a shotski with celebrity guests with his home made Shotski and we're going to count down the top 5 Andy Cohen Shotskis of all time: 

#5 Andy Cohen & Martha Stewart Shotski

Andy Cohen Martha Shotski

Andy and Martha have done 3 Shotskis so far and its always funny to see how she has almost no reaction, it's either that she's drinking a fake shot or all that jail time has really hardened her up!

#4 Andy Cohen & Charlie Sheen Shotski

Andy Cohen Charlie Sheen Shotski

The crazy thing about Charlie Sheen is that he was sober for almost 11 years since his historical "WINNING" melt down.  Unfortunately Charlie fell off the wagon about 5 years ago when he was diagnosed with HIV.

#3 Andy Cohen & Hillary Duff Shotski

Andy Cohen Hillary Duff Shotski

Hillary Duff usually known for her cute innocent personality was a bit hesitant to do the shotski with Andy.  It was for good reason, because based on look on their faces the crew must have loaded it with some bad tequila, even Andy had some trouble holding it down. 

#2 Andy Cohen & Steve Harvey Shotski

Andy Cohen Steve Harvey Shotski

Steve Harvey had just come off his famous Miss America slip up and was doing PR to help his image.  Steve took the shotski like a champ, the mustache didn't even slow him down!

#1 Andy Cohen & Jimmy Fallon Shotski

Andy Cohen Jimmy Fallon Shotski

Jimmy and Andy take our #1 Shotski spot!  They have been friends for some time and a fun fact is that Jimmy Fallon and his wife Nancy actually made the infamous shotski for Andy as a present for taking Watch What Happens Live to 5 days a night.  It was the shotski heard round the world since it has become a staple of Andy's Wednesday night show.   


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